Mehlville school board OKs ’03-’04 audit

The Mehlville Board of Education re-cently voted unanimously to accept an in-dependent auditors’ report of the district’s fiscal operations for the 2003-2004 school year.

The audit was performed by Mueller, Walla & Albertson at a cost of $12,500.

Rick Albertson and Holly Kuzma of the auditing firm informed the Board of Education of its findings in a report presented at the board’s Dec. 15 meeting.

In his presentation, Albertson cited “no reportable conditions,” “no instances of noncompliance,” and “no audit findings,” related to the audit, according to a district news release.

Furthermore, the 64-page audit document declared “the Mehlville R-9 School District was determined to be a low-risk auditee.”

In addition, Albertson cited strengths of the district’s accounting system; in particular, the high degree of internal control.

In the release, Randy Charles, assistant superintendent for finance and the district’s chief financial officer, credited the district’s system of checks and balances as a main reason for the successful audit.

“Every financial transaction of the school district is viewed by several sets of eyes. The staff in the business office is very experienced and pays great attention to detail. These staff members should receive a great deal of the credit for this stamp of approval from the auditors,” he stated in the release.

This year’s audit included a look at all of the district’s financial areas, including Proposition P funds, bonded indebtedness, federal programs, employee salaries and benefits and the voluntary transfer student program. Also, as required by the Govern-mental Accounting Standards Board, the audit included a Management’s Discussion and Analysis Report, which summarizes highlights of the audit and key issues facing the school district.

The audit is available on line by visiting and click-ing on the School Board link.