‘Mehlville political machine’ unleashes Chicago-style politics here

To the editor:

For months now I have remained silent on the Prop R “victory.”

The over-the-top high fives and never-ending photo ops in the Call continued for weeks.

In 24 years, I have never seen such big-government, Chicago-style tactics being unleashed in local politics. From the start this was never a fair horse race, but more like Goliath slays David.

It was laughable, as this newspaper as well as other revelers bragged about the extent of the win. When one side has 25 times more money — many thousands of dollars — to front a campaign, and thousands more proponents compared to a handful of citizens dedicated to truth and common sense, was there any doubt?

Amazing how many people not living in the district, some not even living in the state, were rallied to endorse Prop R, a proposition they were never personally going to pay for. Thousands of dollars donated by companies contracted by the district, paid with taxpayer dollars, were also tapped. Was that a conflict of interest?

And a free day from school on election day was arranged.

A handful of “Vote No” signs were placed compared to hundreds of “Vote Yes,” but still the pro-tax element felt the need to rip them down, steal them or deface them, most of the time within 24 hours of their placement. These are the victors — wonderful examples for the children they’re supposed to care so much about.

It’s no wonder there is so much moral decay in the world today.

And this is just another sample of the foul tactics used to win this election.

And now the “Mehlville political machine” is gearing up to dig into your pocket for another round in April. And our new “super” knows exactly how to fire up his money machine to get it passed.

Post race, the gloating by this publication was weekly and exasperating. Call Executive Editor Mike Anthony’s attack on Lori Trakas was shocking. I thought you had more honor than that, Mike. Your team won, so why the searing post comments? I commend Lori for her willingness to endure the many attacks she receives and her willingness to stand for principle and vote her conscience in spite of the actions from the public and members of the board.

Today’s Mehlville school board appears to only have room for bobbleheads with one-track minds — nodding to the spend, spend, spend mentality. Why have school board elections, as only “yes” mindset members are welcomed? Loss of fairness, conscience and principle are the new hallmarks of our community. 

The “all-about-me” crowd is securely in charge and the waste will continue. No chance to pay down the debt any time soon. Financial skin in the game by parents who utilize the system is no longer a thought, because all the taxpayers will be forced to ante up, so all wishes could be satisfied.

They have found that news publications soundly in their pocket and crushing amounts of money win elections. From now on, election after election, they will be using this tactic.

Welcome to Chicago — oops, I mean Mehlville.