Mehlville needs PR machine to deal with curmudgeon’s half-truths

In response to Mr. Stonebraker, it’s evident why the Mehlville School District needs a PR machine — to deal with reckless half-truths the curmudgeon chooses to propagate.

In today’s challenging economic climate, the district’s administration has created jobs, stabilized classroom teacher salaries and begun implementing the district’s long-range planning vision by purchasing classroom textbooks. Does this sound like an abdication of fiduciary duty to taxpayers? While my vocabulary isn’t as impressive as Stonebraker’s, it appears the district is following through on the promise of Proposition T to spend taxpayer money in a way they feel addresses current needs.

In the case of the communications department, the district added two personnel for about what they paid one predecessor yet, by comparison, are still understaffed relative to districts equal in size.

As for Stonebraker’s comments regarding layoffs at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, I doubt Eric Mink is looking for a communications coordinator gig with Mehlville.

Superintendent Terry Noble is a man of integrity charting a course toward the distinction of a high-performing school district.

It is unfortunate speed bumps like Jim Stonebraker continue to disrupt the journey.

Jeff Clobes


Editor’s note: Mr. Clobes serves as chairman of the Friends of the Mehlville School District.