Mehlville NEA member disagrees with board president’s assertion

To the editor:

I have found a couple of discrepancies in the March 5 article headlined “Board to discuss ’15-’16 calendar next week.”

Mehlville teachers did not agree to add two days to the calendar.

We were informed that the Board of Education planned to add two days after changing policy to allow it — whether we liked it or not.

The “raises” were not compensation for adding two days, as stated by board President Ron Fedorchak. In fact, the MOU (memorandum of understanding) specifically states that compensation would be negotiated this year.

The MOU states, “The Board of Education will change Policy IC to allow for a minimum of 176 student contact days and 198 teacher contact days. Compensation for the two additional 2015-2016 student contact days will be part of good-faith negotiations in the spring of 2015.”

Perhaps Mr. Fedorchak just misremembers.