Mehlville MAP scores above state results

Mehlville School District students are performing above their counterparts statewide in communications arts and mathematics, according to preliminary Missouri Assessment Program, or MAP, scores.

A total of 62.7 percent of Mehlville students scored proficient or advanced in communication arts while 60.9 percent scored proficient or advanced in mathematics.

Statewide, 54.6 percent of students were proficient or advanced in communications while 54.2 percent were proficient or advanced in mathematics.

Performance targets for this year were 75.5 percent of students proficient or advanced in communication arts and 72.5 percent of students proficient or advanced in mathematics.

Initial calculations for Adequate Yearly Progress, or AYP, as formulated in the federal No Child Left Behind, or NCLB, program also were released. NCLB is designed to close the achievement gap among various subgroups of students to ensure the academic needs of every student are met.

To reach the goal of 100-percent student proficiency by 2014, schools must meet an annually increasing performance target in communications arts and math to meet AYP. Mehlville met AYP in four of its 18 student subgroups.

If a subgroup in one school does not meet the NCLB-mandated proficiency target on one of the two subjects, the school — along with the entire school district — does not meet AYP that year.

Final MAP and AYP results will be released in mid-September.

The initial data showed increases in Mehlville’s attendance and graduation rates.

“As we progress toward 2014, the state targets increase each year, making it extremely difficult — and in some cases impossible — for districts to achieve AYP,” Superintendent Eric Knost stated in a news release. “While we didn’t achieve AYP as a district this year, I am pleased with the various improvements throughout our schools, including in communication arts and in our graduation and attendance rates. I am confident that our students will continue to show similar improvement in the future as well.”

Based on its MAP scores, the Mehlville School District has achieved, in most cases, improved scores each year, the release stated. Mehlville’s improvements in communication arts can be attributed, in part, to the district’s increased emphasis on literacy in the classroom, while its increased graduation rate and attendance rate among students in 2011 is an indicator of improvement that can be directly related to the district’s increased focus on these two areas.

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