Mehlville goes paperless with Peachjar tool

The Mehlville School District has launched a new electronic flier communication tool called “Peachjar.”

District officials believe that employees and residents will appreciate the time and financial benefits that come with the Peachjar system.

This “green” initiative will save the district tons of paper and reduce copy costs by thousands of dollars. On top of that, posting school fliers in this electronic backpack will eliminate the time that teachers, office staff and volunteers spend every week stuffing papers into student backpacks.

The Peachjar system will be used exclusively for distribution of school-approved materials, including the monthly lunch menus and event fliers. The cost is free for any materials that are generated by the schools, for all PTO materials and for anything that is a fundraiser for a school or the entire district. Outside organizations, like summer sports camps and nonschool activities, will have to pay a small fee to post their fliers on Peachjar.

The Peachjar system went online Monday.

To request flier approval, follow the steps below. Once approved, the flier will be emailed to all parents and posted online.

• Visit


• Register as an Enrichment/Community Org. — account type.

• Upload your flier for approval.

Your flier will be automatically submitted to the Communications Department and the materials will be reviewed. Some fliers might be rejected due to content. The submitter will be notified and advised on what changes should be made.