Mehlville Finance Committee seeks members

Mehlville School District officials have made the financial status of the district a top priority, according to a news release.

With the addition of Noel Knobloch as chief financial officer and the creation of a community Finance Committee, district officials are ensuring that appropriate accountability is in place, the release stated.

For community members who would like to be involved in the District’s financial process, the Finance Committee currently is accepting new applicants.

The Finance Committee provides public oversight of the district’s accounting and finance procedures. Since the committee’s creation one year ago, it also has been providing information and guidance to the Board of Education.

Some of the panel’s responsibilities are:

• Submitting recommendations regarding debt level.

• Monitoring current and future capital needs.

• Projecting operating revenues and expenditures.

• Offering recommendations such as strategies for increasing funding, reducing expenses and maintaining accountability.

“Involving the community in the financial process of the district will provide staff and the Board of Education with accountability,” Knobloch stated in the release.

Residents with a financial background who are interested in contributing to the fiscal success of the Mehlville School District are asked to contact Jennie Mullen at or at (314) 467-5202 to obtain an application.