Mehlville board should respect community; vote 7-0 on ballot measure

To the editor:

The Mehlville Board of Education is elected by district residents to serve the children in this community attending public schools.

Under board policy, all members “will remember that the first and greatest concern must be the educational welfare of all students attending the public schools,” and that they “will render all decisions based on the available facts and independent judgment rather than succumbing to the influence of individuals or special-interest groups.”

I ask that each member of the board remember these responsibilities when the time comes later this month to vote on placing a tax-rate increase on the November ballot. You will not be voting on whether or not the district should increase taxes, but rather you will be voting on whether Mehlville residents should be given the opportunity to go to the polls and directly weigh in on a matter of great importance to this community, and it has become clear that this community is eager to weigh in.

Voting in favor of placing the measure on the ballot does not mean that an individual board member is voting in favor of a tax-rate increase. If a board member does not support a tax-rate increase, then he or she has that right and can do it at the polls with his or her vote. However, in my personal opinion, I feel that the entire board should respect the will of this community and approve placing a measure on the ballot with a 7-0 vote.