Mehlville alum backing Huegerich for BoE

Letters to the Editor


To the editor:
Here in the Melville School District, we are blessed to have three amazing candidates running for two seats on our school board. I’m sure any one of them would do their best to represent the voice of our community. I’d like to share with you a few reasons why I will be casting my vote for Scott Huegerich.
I have been blessed to count Scott as a friend, for more years than a woman my age should admit too! Scott has deep roots in our community, born and raised right here in South County. College may have caused him to change his zip code for a few years, but a cute Oakville alumni drew him right back where he belongs! Scott and Kelly raised their three sons right here in Oakville, and even though they are grown and gone, Scott’s main passion still remains to strengthen our community.
We are both proud graduates of Mehlville Class of 1986. Two years ago, Scott approached me and a few other alumni, asking if we were interested in creating a scholarship program for the graduating class of 2021. We were hoping to raise a few hundred dollars to help a lucky senior… what we did, under Scott’s direction, was raise $4,000 in one month, which helped us to change the lives of two seniors!
This year, we will be able to make donations to two more Mehlville High School seniors. That is just the kind of person Scott is … Good is not good enough when great is achievable.
A few years before that, Scott reached out to a few Oakville residents, asking where we stood on helping him with a food drive campaign he was trying to launch…. Fill Up The Pickup. As always, where we stood was behind him on whatever endeavors he takes on! It didn’t take long before word spread, way past our communities’ boundaries, and people who know and love Scott were jumping onboard to be neighborhood captains and be part of Scott’s vision.
Scott is the voice and leadership that our community needs. I have never seen that man without a smile on his face! I honestly believe it stems from living up to the core values he lives by to create a happy life for himself and others around him … unity, ambition, compassion, self-belief and service. He is a perfect example of what I’ve told my kids growing up, “Live your life in a way that no one can speak ill of you. and if they do … no one will believe them!”
Jump on board and be part of Scott’s vision, by voting for Scott Huegerich April 5th.
Kim Brady