MCTA member responds to letter written by Mehlville gifted teacher

To the editor:


, Mehlville gifted teacher Erin FitzWilliam didn’t quite tell you and taxpayers the total contents of my speech at the March 25 meeting of the Mehlville Board of Education.

What she didn’t tell you is as follows: Additionally, using high school students, who are not taxpayers and who have very little knowledge regarding tax issues, as pawns — especially the young man who was complaining about his teacher only making $76,000 versus her friend at Lindbergh who was making $86,000 a year.

Second, Superintendent Norm Ridder needed to tell his staff, especially teachers, to stop sharing their horror stories, scaring our children in the classroom, as they do not need pressure from Mehlville National Education Association teachers venting their issues.

Those matters are for the taxpayers, board and administration to discuss and resolve — not the classroom.

Third, this is America and we have the free enterprise system, and I’m assuming we still teach that in our classrooms.

If not, our administrators and teachers need a refresher course to understand they can go anywhere, pursue any dream they desire and at the end of the day, earn as much money as they want — and yes, become president of the United States.

Mehlville is a National District of Character, and I’m very proud of that fact.

That tells me the Mehlville School District believes in honesty and integrity, and those characteristics start with the faculty, staff and Board of Education.

It’s called trust.