Make Your Opinion Count president compliments Councilwoman Wasinger

Our compliments to County Councilwoman Colleen Wasinger as an outstanding example of responsive county leadership for her introduction of a bill to resolve many of the issues of the disputed trash districting plan.

On Tuesday evening, the audience of public attendees at the County Council meeting was very pleased to learn of her proposed bill that would push back the implementation of forced trash districting by a minimum of two years in return for the community’s support of an increase in the volume of trash that is recycled.

The surveys that our organization has been conducting over the past several months has indicated that the majority of county residents agreed that increased recycling of trash was a worthy goal but that the vast majority was strongly opposed to having the county give a five-year exclusive contract to the trash hauler they would select to serve them. We were very worried that no one on the council except Mr. Campisi was listening to the information we were providing and that no practical compromise was emerging that could attract the needed four of seven votes on the council to pass.

We strongly urge everyone to write, call or e-mail your council person and Mr. Dooley as soon as possible to indicate your support of the legislation Ms. Wasinger has introduced with the support of Mr. Campisi and Mr. Quinn. If you’re not sure who on the council is representing your area, please call me at (314) 352-6300.

Tony Niskanen

south county

Editor’s note: Mr. Niskanen serves as president of Make Your Opinion Count.