Losing Wagener a disaster for area citizens

To the editor:

Pasta chef Campisi came to Clayton with as much knowledge and fresh ideas as Cathy Enz took with her to Jefferson City, namely zip, nada.

Enz is now, as a seasoned legislator, lecturing us as to why Jeff Wagener lost his County Council seat. She tells us it was his lack of accountability and for not returning constituents’ phone calls. Inasmuch as the 99th District comprised only one-fifth of the 6th County Council District, I wonder why state Reps. Barry, Scheve and Tread-way did not receive the same complaints.

To Enz, Campisi epitomizes what the role of a public servant should be. He stole water from the same county he serves, paying the water bill only after the county prosecutor charged and fined him. He paid his city real estate taxes only after Channel 5 investigated him. These actions do not a public servant make. What they do is make him a chiseler.

Losing Jeff was a disaster for the ordinary citizens of the 6th District whom he served honorably well.

Hilde McLaughlin