Longtime Crestwood resident supporting Schlink in mayoral election

To the editor:

Crestwood residents, once again two candidates are finally running for mayor in our city.

One of them is a failed mayor. I would elaborate on his failures but unfortunately the length of this letter would exceed the Call’s resources and require too much of your patience to read.

The other candidate is to some of you a relative newcomer. But to me, as a longtime resident with familiarity of Crestwood politics, he is a fine family man with perseverance and a real professional, financial business background.

He is currently an alderman whom I have had the good fortune as a constituent to get to know better.

I like what I see in him — a real opportunity for Crestwood to have a competent mayor leading us into the future. He probably will not be a 24/7 mayor, but then again, with his talents, honesty, experiences and citizen-respectful manner, he won’t have to be. 

We need a new mayor in Crestwood and I am confidently supporting Jeff Schlink for that office. As a senior citizen and a veteran with a real concern for Crestwood’s future, I hope that you will support Jeff Schlink also.

David M. Brophy, Ph.D.