‘Logic’ of sales-tax holiday escapes former Crestwood official

To the editor:

Once again, the Crestwood Board of Aldermen approves participation in the back-to-school sales-tax holiday.

The logic offered to justify giving tax money away while at the same time crying about insufficient revenue to sustain the city escapes me.

Ward 4 Alderman Deborah Beezley stated it is imperative we support business by participating in the sales-tax holiday. Please, fellow taxpayers, remember we supported the business community in 2006 and Dillards closed the doors. We supported the business community in 2008 and Macy’s closed the doors. Need I go on?

Board of Alderman President John Foote of Ward 4 supported and campaigned for the last proposal to increase your taxes and implied we only give up three days of taxes if we participate in the sales-tax holiday. Please John, do not ask for more revenue when you give it away so easily.

The mayor read a letter from Forrest Miller, chairman of the Crestwood Economic Development Commission, who supported participation in the tax holiday.

When was the last time the Economic Development Commission had a meeting? What has this commission accomplished?

Look at the Crestwood business corridor and ask the commission: What happened?

Steve Nieder


Editor’s note: Mr. Nieder is a former Ward 4 Crestwood alderman. The city’s Economic Development Commission was scheduled to meet last week for the first time since August, but the meeting was canceled because of lack of a quorum.