Littering a problem in Crestwood and Sunset Hills, dog walker writes


Letter to the Editor 

To the editor:

If you see Santa, please give him a copy of the “Alcoholics Anonymous,” or what the people in A.A. call the “Big Book,” so that he can give it to elves that live in the North Pole.

I say this because I think they may be battling alcoholism.

I walk my dog a lot in Crestwood and Sunset Hills, and I am dumbfounded by the amount of airplane bottles of wine and liquor I continuously find and pick up on my walks.

I do not see the amounts I see here anywhere else.

I am not saying airplane bottles are the worst possible things I can find or that we — St. Louis as a whole — don’t have a littering problem, but I cannot be the only one that sees this on our streets.

The pace of littering is outpacing my little bit of effort.

I ask you all to please just pick up one more piece of trash than you throw out of your car a day.

Shawn Finney
Sunset Hills