Lindbergh students looking forward to Christmas, Santa’s visit

Originally Published on: Dec. 21, 2011

Third-graders at two Lindbergh elementary schools — Concord and Kennerly — and second-graders at Crestwood Elementary School wrote the following letters to Santa Claus:

Dear Santa,

Dec. 6 is my birthday. Isn’t that close to Christmas? Maybe my friend gets to do a sleepover at my house. Are you ready for Christmas? I am. You are the best. How are you doing?

Sincerely, Sophie

Dear Santa,

How are your elves doing? Can you please get me a Wii or 3DS? Is Rudolph’s nose still shiny? Do you have two elves to come along with you?

Sincerely, Jeremy

Dear Santa,

Is Rudolph’s nose still working and is Mrs. Claus all right? How do the elves make all those toys before Christmas? For Christmas I would like Gogos and a Wii.

Sincerely, Drew

Dear Santa,

I think you are nice. How are the elves doing and Mrs. Claus and how are the reindeer doing and how are you doing, too? For Christmas can I please have a 3D DS and an iPod and an iPhone Touch and a new umbrella?

Sincerely, Krista

Dear Santa,

How fast do your reindeer have to fly? I don’t want much for Christmas.

All I want for Christmas is probably only doll clothes, a telescope and maybe some Gomu Erasers. Santa, what kind of cookies do you like better, sugar or chocolate chip? Thanks for all your hard work. I love Mrs. Claus’ cookies. Merry Christmas.

Who is going to guide your sleigh?

Sincerely, Libby

Dear Santa,

You mean a lot to me because you give presents to children with laughter and fun.

I want a Spy Video Watch, a Spy Kit, a Light Saber and a Transformer. Thank you.

Sincerely, Harsha

Dear Santa,

How are the elves doing? Can I tell you a fun joke? This is my joke: Who rides in the Christmas bus to go home? It’s you Santa Claus.

Is Mrs. Claus doing fine? I hope she is. I want a pet hamster, a lunch box and an adventure to the sea with my family. Write back to me soon.

Sincerely, Kaity

Dear Santa,

How are the elves doing? And the reindeer? Is Rudolph’s nose shiny? Santa, can I have a big-girl scooter and a skateboard and skateboard padding and a real computer? That’s all.

Sincerely, Jaylin

Dear Santa,

How are the reindeer?

I hope you’re ready for Christmas. For Christmas I want a tin can with Star Wars cards in it and an iPad.

Sincerely, Tony

Dear Santa,

How old are you? For Christmas I want a DSI and a Pokémon Diamond and a Bat-man toy. How are your elves?

Sincerely, Eric

Dear Santa,

Santa, is it hard getting ready for Christmas every year? How are all the reindeer doing? For Christmas I want an Airsoft gun and a remote control helicopter, and I want a real baseball bat and ball. I really can’t wait until Christmas. I’m so excited. Merry Christmas. Have a happy New Year.

By Ben

Dear Santa,

I hope you are having a good time at the North Pole. Christmas is my favorite holiday because we get to see all of our family.

From Riley

Dear Santa Claus,

This year I hope I have been nice and I hope I’m on the nice list.

For Christmas, I want four things. I want a movie called “Cars 2.” I want a DS. I want a movie called “The Lion King.” I want a game called Mastermind.

By Jacob

Dear Santa,

For Christmas I want Trash Pack Zombie Lab, Trasheys, Ice Cream Shop Play-Doh, Easy Bake Oven, a stuffed penguin, Hawk-eye Pillow Pet Puppet, Pee Wee Pillow Pet and last of all, a surprise.

I love Christmas.

From Kendal

Dear Santa,

How are the reindeer Santa? Do you know what I really want for Christmas?

Well, I have a list. Here are some things I want. Lalaloopsy pencil topper and stilts. Santa you will love the cookies we made for you and milk.

Do you like Nestle’s Quik chocolate milk? I really want these presents. Santa, have a Merry Christmas.

Love, Brittney

Dear Santa,

I would like a laptop because when I want to go on the laptop, they are always on it.

How do you get down the chimney? How old are you? I want a dog and duct tape.

Love, Cassie

Dear Santa,

Before we get to the presents I want for Christmas, I have a few questions: How do you fit down the chimney? How many cookies do you eat on Christmas? Do you like chocolate milk? What is your favorite color?

Well, that’s all for the questions. Here are some things that I want for Christmas. I want a paint set, a remote control helicopter and a brush for my rabbit. Thank you for reading this letter, Santa.

From Cayla

Dear Santa,

For Christmas, I will be so happy if you would get me an Xbox 360 for my present with the game Kinect and my wish list said to buy me an iPod Touch 3rd Generation with lots of games and can you buy me a huge Christmas tree with lots of lights?

That’s all that was on my list.

Thank you, Zamir