Lindbergh Schools solves problems by coming together, reader says

To the editor:

This is in response to the letter from Rich Franz of the Mehlville Board of Education criticizing Lindbergh Schools in the Feb. 23 issue of the Call.

Please Mr. Franz, do not confuse Lindbergh Schools with the apparent political atmosphere you seem to work within. From my experience of living in the Lindbergh community the last 26 years and having three kids attend the schools, I have seen firsthand why this school district is, in fact, a highly desired location for homeowners and parents wanting a top-rated education for their kids.

It is because of our “professionals” on the Lindbergh Schools Board of Education, teachers, staff and the high commitment of parental participation within the school district.

Problems are solved here by coming together — not politicizing — and making tough, but fair, decisions that are for the best interest of our “community” to keep it the elite district that it is known to be.

John E. Martin