Lindbergh School District continues response for Hurricane Katrina Relief

After a 24-hour blitz for the American Red Cross, money continued to pour in for Lindbergh School District’s collection for Hurricane Katrina Relief.

Pupils emptied their piggy banks and parents often helped with a “matching-fund” donation. When the final pennies and checks were totaled, $22,144.11 was raised for the American Red Cross. The one-day challenge conducted Sept. 1 illustrated the generosity of Lindbergh School District staff, students and families.

As pupils from the hurricane-stricken Gulf region begin to register at Lindbergh schools, ongoing activities are in place to support these displaced families, according to a district news release.

Lindbergh High School is coordinating Operation Back-pack, a drive for school supplies and backpacks. The goal is to give each pupil who is a victim of the hurricane school supplies when they start school. Donations from all district schools are being routed to the 12th-grade office where grade level appropriate supplies are being stuffed into backpacks.

A group of Long Elementary pupils conducted a spur-of-the-moment car wash in their neighborhood and fourth-grade boys from Kennerly designed custom-made photo albums that they sold outside local grocery stores. All proceeds were donated to the hurricane relief fund. At Sap-pington Elementary, first-graders are conducting a “Nick-els for New Orleans” drive. Sappington pupils also are assembling personal-care kits that will be delivered to the hurricane-stricken region.

Truman Elementary in Lindbergh is assisting Truman Elementary in Lafayette, La. While the Louisiana Truman was not affected directly by Hurricane Katrina, the school already has received 50 pupils displaced by the hurricane. Lindbergh’s Truman is coordinating a collection of needed items for their Louisiana counterparts.

Future fund-raisers also are scheduled. Lindbergh High School junior Ryan Hausmann will conduct a Hurricane Relief Car Wash from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Oct. 15 at Christ Memorial Lutheran Church, 5252 S. Lindbergh Blvd.

Fifth-graders at Truman Elementary, 12111 Eddie & Park Road., will sponsor a garage sale Dec. 10 with all proceeds to benefit the hurricane victims.