Lindbergh school board eyes approval of five-year plan for district


The Lindbergh Board of Education was scheduled earlier this week to consider ap-proval of a plan that will set the direction the district will take for the next five years.

Approval of the Comprehensive School Improvement Plan, or CSIP, was set to be considered Tuesday night — after the Call went to press.

Every school district in the state is required to formulate a five-year CSIP as part of the Missouri School Improvement Program. The plan sets the direction the district will take over the next five years by serving as a guide in making resource and process decisions designed to lead to improved student performance.

Work on formulating the five-year plan began last September, according to Rick Francis, assistant superintendent for personnel ser-vices.

More than 150 people — residents, staff and students who served on 15 districtwide committees — discussed strategic issues facing the district and helped formulate the district’s new long-range plan.

Goals and objectives include:

• Student Performance — Develop and enhance quality educational/instructional programs to improve performance and enable students to meet their personal, academic and career goals.

The objectives are: Lindbergh School District students will meet the requirements and mandates of No Child Left Behind in all subgroups. Students will be prepared to meet academic challenges through the development of a challenging, global curriculum.

• Highly Qualified Staff — Recruit, at-tract, develop and retain highly qualified staff to carry out the Lindbergh School District mission, goals and objectives.

The objective is: Attract and retain highly qualified staff by maintaining competitive salaries and benefits.

• Facilities, Support, and Instructional Resources — Provide and maintain appropriate instructional resources, support services and functional and safe facilities.

The objectives include: Safety — to in-crease overall student achievement by providing a safe, healthful learning environment; and Professional Development — To increase student achievement by providing instructional resources, facilities and equip-ment that support and extend the district curriculum.

• Parent and Community Involvement — Promote, facilitate, and enhance parent, student, and community involvement in Lindbergh School District educational programs.

The objectives include: Increase the involvement of Lindbergh families in the district. Promote the district to all community stakeholders through effective communication via a variety of channels.

• Governance — Govern the district in an efficient and effective manner providing leadership and representation to benefit the students, staff and patrons of the district.

The objective is: Determine and implement a long-term solution to maintain a balanced budget.

Elements of the plan include: Obtain a Proposition C waiver, enforce expenditure growth control, pass an operational tax-rate increase and make the plan span at least a five-year time period.

Francis told the school board April 14, “We have five goals. We have one or two objectives under each one of those goals.

“The administration was charged with strategies on how we’re going to meet these goals and so as soon as the board approves those in May, then we’ll get that CSIP plan back out to those 150 people who built this and take a look at goals and where we need to be five years from now.”