Lindbergh officials warn of telephone scam targeting businesses

Lindbergh Schools officials issued a warning this week about a telephone scam targeting local businesses.

A company called All School Fundraising of San Antonio, Texas, is calling local businesses asking them to purchase advertisements as a fundraiser for Lindbergh Schools.

“Please do not purchase advertising from this organization — it is a scam,” a district news release stated. “Our students, parents and organizations are so thankful for the support we receive from our local businesses, and it disheartens us to see a company use our name for their own gain. This type of activity hurts local business and breaks down the trust and relationships our student organizations have worked so hard to build.”

Lindbergh does not use third-party fundraisers, according to the release.

“… If you are ever asked to support a program, it will be by a student, parent or staff member,” the release stated.

For more information, call (314) 729-2400, Ext. 8802.