Lindbergh officials pleased with MAP scores; expect to receive Distinction in Performance

Lindbergh School District students continue to move into the proficient and ad-vanced levels on Missouri Assessment Program tests, according to results recently released by the state Department of Ele-mentary and Secondary Education.

MAP scores show that Lindbergh students are well above state minimum standards for all six grade levels tested, according to a news release, and district officials expect Lindbergh to receive the state’s Distinction in Performance Award for the fifth consecutive year.

“The results are very good news and our teachers and students should be congratulated for their hard work,” Director of Curriculum and Student Programs Chuck Triplett stated in the release.

Students were tested in communication arts and mathematics at the following grade levels: third-grade communication arts, fourth-grade mathematics, seventh-grade communication arts, eighth-grade mathematics, 10th-grade mathematics and 11th-grade communication arts.

MAP scores are reported on a five-level scale and Lindbergh’s goal is to move students out of the bottom two levels, Step 1 and Progressing, and into the top two levels, Proficient and Advanced.

For 2005, the state’s minimum goal for mathematics was to achieve 17.5 percent of students in the proficient and advanced levels. Lindbergh’s scores in mathematics far exceeded state levels and were 70.1 percent for elementary, 23.5 percent for middle school and 31.7 percent for high school.

In communication arts, the state minimum goal was to reach 26.6 percent proficient and advanced. Lindbergh achievement rates in this subject were: 51.8 percent for elementary, 52.0 percent for middle school and 40.0 percent for high school.

“Not only are district scores well above state goals, many of our individual buildings posted impressive gains with this year’s test,” Triplett stated. “The mathematics scores at Crestwood Elementary rose 23.3 points, which now means 82.9 percent of its fourth-grade students are proficient or advanced in mathematics. Long Ele-mentary had mathematics gains of 12 points and Kennerly Elementary improved 10.7 points, placing 90.7 percent of its fourth-grade students in the proficient and advanced categories in mathematics.

“The district also improved its communication arts scores, led again by Crestwood Elementary with a 33-point gain by its third-grade students. This places 73.6 percent of Crestwood third-grade students in the proficient or advanced categories in communication arts.”

Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction Nancy Rathjen stated, “We are certainly happy with what we have seen and our students and teachers have much of which to be proud. Building on the successes of 2004, we have improved again in 2005.

“The district has earned Distinction in Performance recognition for four straight years, and we expect to achieve it again this year. Our students are reaching higher levels of achievement than ever before. We recognize that we must continue our hard work and that in a few areas we must intensify our efforts. Hard work and achievement are traditions at Lindbergh,” Rathjen added.