Lindbergh incumbents should be re-elected

To the editor:

As a former member of the Lindbergh Schools Board of Education, I urge voters to retain Lindbergh Board of Education members Kathy Kienstra, Don Bee and Vicki Englund.

Their individual leadership and team efforts have led Lindbergh to the current position of the No. 1 academic district in Missouri for the fourth year in a row while maintaining one of the lowest tax rates in St. Louis County. In addition, either Gary Ujka or Daniel Sampson would be a great addition to the school board.

The outstanding educational status of our schools directly relates to increased value of homes. Families with children want to make their homes in the Lindbergh School District, benefiting all citizens in our district who expect to sell their homes in the future, as well as creating new home developments. The proposed Prop G will help us accommodate this growth. I am asking you to vote “yes” for Prop G on April 8.

Your votes for these candidates and Prop G can help us maintain the superior status of the Lindbergh School District and value of our homes.

Dr. Joyce Brockhaus

Sunset Hills