Lindbergh High, Kennerly Elementary earn recognition on state’s top 10 lists

The Lindbergh School District recently claimed three spots on the state’s lists of top 10 schools, according to a district news release.

The lists, which are issued by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, are based on schools’ Missouri Assessment Program scores for the past five years.

Lindbergh High School was named to DESE’s Top 10 Most-Improved list for both communication arts and math, and Kennerly Elementary School was on DESE’s Top 10 High-Scoring Schools list for math.

“Our main objective has been to improve student achievement,” Lindbergh High School Principal Ron Helms stated in the release. “Our staff, students and parents have focused their efforts on achieving this goal. Our focus on Lindbergh learning communities, curriculum, assessment, instruction and personalization helped raise student achievement, lower discipline concerns and raise attendance.

“Making the Missouri Top 10 Most-Improved (list) is an honor for Lindbergh High School, and as we head into 2006 MAP testing, we do so with a resolve to take the next step and become one of the top 10 high-scoring schools,” he added.

Kennerly Principal Steve Suess stated, “Kennerly students are successful because our learning community is committed to academic achievement and character education. The values of perseverance, goal-setting and responsibility guide the teachers and the students to strive for excellence in all they do.”

In addition, DESE informed Crestwood Elementary School that it is one of the 10 highest-scoring elementary schools in the state for both math and communication arts for the 2004-2005 school year.

Crestwood pupils ranked ninth in math and seventh in communication arts, and Crestwood was one of only two schools in the state to appear on both lists.

“Our teachers work very hard to differentiate instruction so that all children are receiving instruction at their own level,” Crestwood Elementary Principal Scott Taylor stated. “Our students work very hard. We have great parents who support the work of our staff and make sure that their children have good attendance. We also receive great support from the Lindbergh administration and school board, who provide us with wonderful resources such as after-school instruction and the Tungsten program to help our students.”