Lindbergh High invites veterans to participate in History Alive

American history lives on through personal conversations and the sharing of photos, artifacts and experiences.

For the sixth year in a row, Lindbergh High School is inviting veterans of World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War and conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan to do just that during the sixth annual History Alive program.

Veterans visit during one of four sessions in April and May to participate a unique experience that pairs individual servicemen and women with small groups of high school history students throughout the day. Veterans dress in uniform, bring memorabilia, and share personal experiences and life lessons they learned while serving the United States as members of the armed forces.

The 2015 History Alive dates are:

• World War II – April 2.

• Korean War – April 10.

• Vietnam War – April 24.

• Iraq and Afghanistan – May 13.

Veterans who are interested in participating in History Alive are invited to contact LHS history teacher Brad Durnell at

“The goal of History Alive is to connect various generations and promote meaningful conversations through a series of interviews between the students of today and America’s heroes,” Durnell stated in a news release. “History is more than what takes place in a textbook or a classroom, or on the History Channel.

“History is walking around us on a daily basis, and we are a part of it as well. The History Alive program is about breathing life back into our past and getting back to learning from our elders.”