Lindbergh focus on systemic racism is wrong lesson for kindergarten

Letters to the Editor


To the editor:

A Lindbergh Schools newsletter recently highlighted their equity program. Superintendent Tony Lake urged readers to check out the district website, and what I found was very disturbing.

One video teaches kindergarten children about the “disease” of racism. The video tells the kindergartners that racism is everywhere. Apparently the award-winning district will be teaching young children about this, along with systemic racism.

Since my grandson just started kindergarten, I was absolutely stunned that educators would think teaching sweet, innocent children about racism is the best path forward.

I have four grandchildren and in this system, two would be oppressors while two would be oppressed, and two would have white privilege while two would be victims. They get along great, but this goes against everything I believe.

Why would Lindbergh teach such divisive and harmful lessons to children so young?

The district should not be indoctrinating. The way forward is actually back to Martin Luther King. “Judge people by the content of their character,” period. Not by the color of their skin, or sex, or religion or whatever. That is what should be taught.

Please check this out for yourself on the Lindbergh website, Go to Programs and Services, click on Equity, click on Resources and scroll down to the videos.

Hopefully The Call has Lindbergh explain exactly how this program came about as well as the cost to taxpayers.

Kathy Meyer