Lindbergh earns 12 Promising Practice Awards for character education

The Lindbergh Board of Education recently recognized 12 groups of educators for their outstanding character education initiatives.

The following character programs earned 2013 Promising Practice Awards from the national Character Education Partnership:

• Lindbergh Early Childhood Education — “Flyer Buddies,” Susan Brand, Janice Schultz and Anna Trankler.

• Concord Elementary School — “Project Shade,” Valerie Creech.

• Kennerly Elementary School — “Cutting the Way,” Jennifer Schaefer.

• Long Elementary School — “Operation Activity Bag,” Patty Owen and Jackie Theodore.

• Sappington Elementary School — “Sappington Food Fight,” Jennifer Zelle, and “Sappington Character Clips to Create Caring,” Jennifer Zelle.

• Sperreng Middle School — “Celebrate and Embrace Braille,” Amy Sears.

• Truman Middle School — “Pilot Training,” Amy Richards.

• Lindbergh High School — “Lindbergh High School Lunch Club,” Kim Dailey, and “Augmented Reality and the New Student,” John Fortney.

• District —”Lindbergh Libraries for African Literacy,” Amy Sears, and “Sunday Night Lights,” Lori Krueger, Michael Franzel and Amy Richards.