Lindbergh class project leads to conclusions for artificial sweeteners

Letters to the Editor


To the editor:

Cole Sunderland and myself, Adam Reed, are seniors at Lindbergh High School.

For our anatomy class, we took a look into how artificial sweeteners have affected student’s health.

Artificial sweeteners are a somewhat new fad in the health world mostly seen in sugar free sweets including zero calorie diet sodas.

Large consumption of these artificial sweeteners can overload the sweetness receptors making them less sensitive to traditionally sweet foods such as fruit.

However, if consumed in moderation they may help some lose weight cutting out on calories in traditionally calorie-rich drinks such as soda while also curing those “sweet tooth” cravings.

Many students said they believed artificial sweeteners would have negative impacts on the health of their peers.

After thorough investigation we concluded that artificial sweeteners used in moderation, when added to a healthy diet, can aid in weight loss and be beneficial to most consumers by cutting out calories seen in traditional sweets.

Adam Reed