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Lindbergh boys dominate Fort Zumwalt West in 47-32 victory


For the Call

An exceptional work ethic, three leading scorers and sound leadership are key ingredients to making any team successful.

In this case, they are the key ingredients responsible for helping the Lindbergh High School boys’ basketball team dominate Fort Zumwalt West 47-32 Friday night as the Flyers improved their record to 4-2.

“We opened up the game in the first quarter, I think 12-1,” Flyers head coach Jason Wolfard told the Call. “And we gave up only 32 points. We were real good defensively last night.”

Cameron McGuire led the Flyers in scoring with 11 points while Blake Welch had 10 and Mik Ebert tallied nine.

The Lindbergh coach is pleased with his team’s effort in preparing for games.

“I am very pleased with their effort,” Wolfard said. “I can never knock their effort and they go out with the exception of Parkway Central, who I thought worked really hard and probably out worked us, we’ve gone out and we’ve made it a point to outwork our opponent, which its an easy thing for a coach to focus on the other stuff when you don’t have to worry about that.”

Wolfard also told the Call that while he’s certainly pleased at the solid start to the season, a lot of work remains.

“I don’t think there’s anything unexpected. I think they are still learning,” Wolfard said. “I mean they are still figuring out how good they can really be.

“There are times where all the cylinders on the floor are clicking and we look really good on both ends of the floor. But there’s times where we have a few parts missing and we struggle a little bit to get things done. But I think right now it’s still a learning process.”

The Flyers will have to hone their skills sharply as they prepare to face No. 4-ranked De Smet the day after Christmas.

As the season progresses, the Flyers need to learn how to beat a team that’s taller than they are, Wolfard said.

“Learning how to battle the size disadvantage I think is really going to come into play because up to this point we’ve been pretty fortunate,” he said. “That’s going to be the big focus defensively. What are we going to do to negate the size disadvantage and just keep tuning things offensively so we can still put the ball in the bucket?

“But it’s definitely going to be a challenge because there’s not an easy team we are going to play.”

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