Lindbergh board members are united in support of Proposition R

To the editor:

On Tuesday, Nov. 7, residents of the Lindbergh School District will be asked to weigh in on Proposition R, a bond issue to address safety and capital improvement concerns in our neighborhood schools.

This issue is a “no-tax-increase” proposal authorizing the district to borrow additional funds. Contrary to what some may maintain, this does not increase the tax rate for district residents — it extends the existing debt service rate from an expiration date of 2020 to the year 2027.

While some may advocate a “just-say-no” approach to any funding sought by any entity, voters should consider the message a “no” vote sends to those in and outside our community.

With a backdrop of the wave of senseless and unspeakable violence that has occurred in our schools across the country:

• A “no” vote sends the message: “We don’t want locking security doors in the classrooms in our elementary schools.”

• A ”no” vote sends the message: “We don’t want security surveillance cameras in our schools.”

• A “no” vote sends the message: “We don’t want to update school intercom security communication systems.”

• A “no” vote sends the message: “We don’t want building access security allowing only authorized parent/guardian entry into student areas of the building at our Early Childhood Education Center.”


• A “no” vote sends the message: “We choose not to improve emergency vehicle access to our athletic facilities.”

• A “no” vote sends the message: “We choose not to replace our aging fire alarm systems or fire mains to school buildings.”

The Lindbergh Board of Education has been aggressively looking at ways to proactively address these safety concerns. At the end of the day on Nov. 7, what message does the Lindbergh community want to send to our families, children and grandchildren?

The Lindbergh Board of Education remains committed to seeking ways to provide a safe, secure environment for our children.

As your elected representatives to oversee the operation of your public schools, we are unanimous and unwavering in our support for Proposition R and ask for your vote of “yes” on Nov. 7.

Lindbergh Board of Education

Mark Rudoff, president

Kenneth Fey, vice president

Vic Lenz, secretary

Katie Wesselschmidt, treasurer

Bob Bader, director

Janine Fabick, director

Robert Foerstel, director