Lindbergh board has earned the public’s trust

To the editor:

Members of our family attended last week’s public forum concerning the pros-pects of a tax-rate increase in the Lind-bergh School District.

We witnessed a financial presentation by the administration and board that was professional, thorough, candid and enlightening. The questions and comments solicited from the public were equally productive and well mannered.

What a breath of fresh air.

We contrast that with the antics of other local boards and governing bodies continually reported in the local news. It seems the political environment within the Lind-bergh community is far different. Here, the board and the voters and the administrators and the faculty are all united on the goal of delivering the most educational bang for the buck. There are few, if any, petty, hysteric or greedy diversions.

The result of this rational behavior has been extraordinary. The Lindbergh Dis-trict’s tax rate is the lowest — by nearly 50 cents — among the 23 St. Louis County school districts. And it is either the highest or among the highest in virtually all measures of academic excellence.

A quality Lindbergh education may well be the best tax value in the state. This is all accomplished by reasonable people who operate with integrity and vision. The Lind-bergh community should feel proud of itself.

We moved from Webster Groves 11 years ago specifically to be part of the exceptional Lindbergh School District. We continue to believe that we made a great decision — both as parents and as taxpayers.

The Lindbergh Board of Education has earned our trust and vote for whatever they deem prudent regarding a tax-rate increase.

Greg and Jill Mueth

Sunset Hills