Lindbergh administrator has full confidence in voters to understand Proposition R

To the editor:

I was surprised by Mr. Gilliam’s suggestion that I somehow have misled him regarding the no-tax-increase proposal, Proposition R.

I would direct him to the article in the Call of Sept. 7 entitled, “Lindbergh School District sets informational meetings on no-tax-hike bond issue.” In it, there is an explanation by me of the funding for Proposition R that includes the statement: “There is no such thing as a free lunch.” The article goes on to explain that Proposition R is a tax extension.

Mr. Gilliam has also not given enough credit as to the intelligence of the Lindbergh citizens. Lindbergh voters do understand that you can’t get something for nothing. They have told the board that they want to protect their investment in the district’s facilities and that they prefer to do it without a tax-levy increase.

I would suggest that the community might be better served if Mr. Gilliam would stop making character assaults and focus upon the needs of the Lindbergh students. The Lindbergh District voters on Nov. 7 will have the final word regarding Proposition R.

I personally have full confidence in their ability to understand the proposal and not be misled by those selective in their reading and interpretation of the district’s information.

Patrick Lanane

chief financial officer

Lindbergh School District