Lindbergh acquires 2.1 acres near school

Lindbergh School District’s Board of Education recently purchased 2.1 acres of wooded ground adjacent to Crestwood Elementary School. The land, at the back of the school property, was undeveloped for more than 40 years.

A proposal came forward last spring to develop a warehouse and factory on the property that would have placed it within 15-feet of the school soccer field.

“In order to establisha safety zone between the school and the industrial park, the Board purchased the property,” said assistant superintendent Pat Lannane. “Adding this land to the school propertywill ensure that a buffer always exists to protect our students.”

The property cost Lindbergh $201,797.

Crestwood Elementary Principal Scott Taylor was pleased with the purchase.

“Most people thought that area was already part of the school,” Taylor said. “Our parents and staff members want to thank the Board for purchasing this land.

“Extending the green space behind the school will provide a barrier between the school and the industrial park, and help insure the continued safety of our students.”