Lifelong resident opposes Mehlville’s ‘ridiculous’ 88-cent tax-rate hike

To the editor:

I am a lifelong resident of the Mehlville School District and a graduate of Mehlville High School.

My parents always supported the school district, as did I.

However, now I’m going to have to vote “no” on the ridiculous 88-cent property-tax increase. In this current downturn in the economy with all the unemployment, I can’t imagine a more poorly timed idea as increasing the burden on property owners with such a large increase in taxes. I am a single retiree on a fixed income with no increase this year and also none next year. I have a hard enough time paying my property taxes now without another $200 to $300 increase. I have spoken to many people in the school district and none seems to be in favor of this increase.

My personal opinion is that stepped increases of lesser amounts would have a better chance of passing. Better that than nothing, which is what I feel will happen. I would further add to all the fiscal conservatives that this is a tax increase. I believe that you are against any kind of tax increase regardless of the merit.

Bill Wolk