Letter writer wonders how can ‘Lindbergh be out of money already?’

To the editor:

In the Aug. 27 issue, Mike Anthony pens a lengthy article about the Lindbergh School District’s Proposition C rollback waiver request, quoting Lindbergh CFO Pat Lanane numerous times. Lanane uses phrases like “historic decrease” in assessed valuations, the “damaging” part of the re-assessment process and “pretty devastating” in not getting more money.

In 2007, St. Louis County’s assessments went up an average of 22 percent. Mine went up 24 percent.

So for the last two years, Lindbergh’s revenue from real-estate taxes went up over 20 percent from 2006.

And now they cry crocodile tears because they can’t get more money from us. They even pat themselves on the back with: “And again, we’re not asking for anything” by seeking a waiver of the Prop C rollback.

Rather than crying all the time for additional revenue, Lindbergh should inform the voters what they did with the 20-plus percent windfall they got in 2007-2008.

How can they be out of money already?

A 20-plus percent increase in revenues should last at least five to six years with current inflation. Come back in four years for more money; we may be in a better mood to listen then.

Mark Flanagan