Letter writer weighs in on new subdivision proposed in Green Park

To the editor:

After reading and then re-reading the article regarding the proposed Green Park subdivision, the Arbors at Clydesdale Park, I have to agree with the many citizens who disagree with the new construction.

Why in the world would anyone want to increase the city’s tax base by almost $8 million, raise the average price of each home in the city and generally increase the landscape of the area in question?

There is no reason to move forward with any type of progress, now or in the future.

When I moved into what is now Green Park in 1970, I was happy with what I saw.

There is no need to move forward with any type of improvements. If it was good enough for the 1970s, it’s good enough for now.

The next thing they’re going to try and tell me is that there are strip joints on the east side.