Letter writer urges yes vote on Proposition A

To the editor:

Prop A — yes.

I am a 1981 graduate of Mehlville High School. As a parent of two teen-agers in the Mehlville School District I can’t begin to tell everyone how important it is for Prop A to pass.

In order to have updated/current schoolbooks, purchase enough books for each student, to retain and attract quality teachers, to improve technology, etc., Prop A must pass.

There has not been a tax increase in the Mehlville School District in 20 years. Sure-ly, teachers, books and technology have advanced over the past 20 years.

These improvements will help our students remain competitive in this global world. The question is not “Can we afford to pay higher taxes?” The question is “Can we afford not to pay higher taxes?”

If the school district is not able to raise the money it needs to run our schools within the district at an acceptable and competitive level, the school could lose its accreditation.

If the school loses its accreditation, families will not move into the district and our community will not prosper. If families don’t move into the district; there goes our property values. Please vote yes for Prop A on Feb. 7.

Janice Bolte


Editor’s note: A flier distributed by Citi-zens Protecting Our Investments, a committee promoting the passage of Propo-sition A, states: “Outside of a Prop C rollback waiver in 1998, our district has not approved a day-to-day operating tax rate increase in 20 years.” The flier further states: “Through a waiver election, school districts may ask patrons to forego some or all of the property tax rollback required by Proposition C. If voters approve the waiver, the effect is the same as an increase in the operating tax rate.”