Letter writer urges residents to adhere to leash laws for their pets

To the editor:

Despite leash laws, some people in south county allow their pets to roam off the leash.

On several occasions, I have observed people walking, jogging or biking on sidewalks when a dog runs toward them, barking and appearing as if it is going to attack.

It is a scary moment to have a large dog, such as a pit bull or German Shepherd, loose and running toward you and to not know what the dog is going to do.

This is not only a frightening experience for the walker or jogger, but also dangerous for the animals who could be injured or even killed by an oncoming car in the street. People should be more concerned with the safety of both pedestrians and their animals by keeping all pets on leashes or in fenced-in yards at all times.

This is especially true during the summer months when so many people go out to exercise and enjoy the warm weather.

Please be courteous of others’ rights to walk without being “attacked.”

A. Bateman

south county