Letter writer urges community to approve Mehlville’s Proposition R

To the editor:

As expected, the Mehlville School District is asking voters to approve a tax-rate increase that will help restore program cuts from last year, as well as maintain a consistent level of continued support in the district.

As expected, a number of “doomsdayers” feel their retirement income should not be tied to support of the local school district.

I would guess a majority of these residents are hiding behind the tax-is-a-burden-on-my-income ruse instead of the real reason they won’t support this initiative: They don’t support public education.

I’m still trying to figure out when it became fashionable to assail public school educators in the Mehlville School District. In a roundabout way, what you’re really saying is, we don’t value your career and public school children are not worthy of receiving a quality education to lead us in the future.

And for those of you still bemoaning the misgivings of previous administrations, please turn the page. Your argument has grown tiresome. We’ll never convince those who don’t support public education to get behind this or future — yes, future — tax initiatives.

Let’s focus on those in the community who understand what it takes to support education in today’s global economy and encourage them to vote “yes” on Prop R.

Jeff Clobes


Editor’s note: Mr. Clobes is a founding member of the Mehlville Community Taxpayers for Mehlville and also co-chaired the Committee to Restore the Pride.