Letter writer thanks community for its support

To the editor:

Will you please help me thank many people of the community for their support after the death of my husband?

Ralph Curcuru died Dec. 5 after a tragic accident.

My family and I will never be able to thank everyone for their support:

Kutis Funeral Home, for their special care and compassion.

Berra Construction for their concern and support.

St. Louis County Police, for helping us take him to his final resting place.

The dozens of neighbors and friends who cooked and worked selflessly to help us through this difficult time.

Oakville High School for their support of our children.

Monsignor Earnst for his inspiring words.

My children’s church and friends for the video of memories.

Finally to each and every person in the community, who came in person, sent flowers, food, letters, and cards. Your contribution of prayers and support allowed us to remember with joy, and begin the healing.

Thank you from all of Ralph’s family.

Cuban Curcuru