Letter writer says she also hates paying taxes

In response to Mr. Cooper, maybe Mr. Stonebraker hates to pay taxes, and he isn’t the only one.

So do I and I’m sure lots of others.

How many white- and blue-collar workers were awarded a 6.88-percent salary in-crease? If Mr. Cooper was so fortunate, surely he is in the minority. His defense of Mr. Ocello and the Mehlville School District policies is commendable.

If he enjoys paying taxes, he should voluntarily pay more so the rest of us overtaxed, stingy people can pay our own bills with our shrinking incomes.

As for the Mehlville Messenger, save the money. Hire some bright, creative high school student to build and maintain a Web site for all the district’s interested residents. Captivated locals can pore over the district’s accomplishments countless times without sacrificing a tree. All this at minimal cost. Some of us just use the Messenger to wrap the garbage.

In conclusion, sure I hate taxes — and I deplore wastefulness just as much. Extravagance has been the hallmark of this district for years.

Sue Jernigan