Letter writer says it’s no mystery why voters defeated Proposition C

To the editor:

Why did Proposition C fail?

Well, it’s no mystery. The common sense of Mehlville residents prevailed. You have both unemployed and underemployed residents as well as employed voters who have endured either salary cuts or no salary increases during this economic downturn.

Also, there are retirees — like me — who have to manage on a fixed income and have had to endure outrageous price increases in local services such as that imposed by the Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District. The Mehlville School District needs to tighten its budget and be more efficient in finances just as taxpayers have had to do.

The board argued that the spending per pupil is “close to last” among St. Louis County public schools, so their solution is to raise taxes and increase spending. This demonstrates typical government mentality: Throw more money at the situation and increase spending. It’s time for this type of thinking to end. Hurray for the strong “no” vote from the Mehlville residents.

John M. Fedchak