Letter writer says his missive about abortion for migrants is sarcastic


Letters to the Editor

To the editor:

Dear Bruce Korbesemeyer,

My statement in my Nov. 28 letter, “Writer has some ideas about how to handle children seeking asylum,” about making sure the parents seeking asylum have abortions before was a sarcastic comment on Green Park Ward 1 Alderman Michael Broughton’s Oct. 17 letter.

He was up in arms that Congress is having the parents separated from the kids they came with to seek asylum, but blames this on Trump. I guess he is unaware a president cannot make laws. My view was to blame the parents; I don’t drive my dog to the grocery store knowing she will not get in during the summer.

I understand the enormous difference of a “new, better life” and my example, but the logic is the same.

My view of abortion is whatever the woman believes. I may be a follower of God, gods, or a higher power, but I am not that God, so I cannot judge and cannot have kids grow in me. I was unaware that all Trump supporters believe the same cookie-cutter ideas fed to us from some higher entity.

The act of Adam and Eve eating the apple is what gave humans knowledge. Satan did not hand it over for them to read or upload. If God created all — the apple too — Adam and Eve received knowledge through the transitive property from God.

Different views of the world and its outcomes does not translate to anyone being influenced by Satan.

Your views may be wrong, but I don’t think they are done with evil intent.

Shawn Finney
Sunset Hills