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Letter writer says Affordable Care Act has helped him in last two years

To the editor:

I am so frustrated over the last five years watching most of our politicians do more to harm their constituents then help them.

If it’s not the Republicans and their ob-structionism, it’s the Democrats who don’t have the guts to stand up to them.

The Affordable Care Act has helped me in the last two years, and I am sure it will continue to help all of us going forward. My son got to stay on my insurance while he went to school. That was a help to me.

I am retired from a major utility and in my 50s. My family is in good health, yet my cost for health care for a family of three is $7,000 out of my pocket before anything else kicks in. Counting other costs, it is getting close to $10,000 out of pocket, per year for three healthy people. I am ready for some insurance and medical cost relief.

Do all the opponents of the Affordable Care Act not experience the out-of-control cost and increases? In my new career, I watched my small-business owner struggle with 30-percent increases every single year in the health coverage he tried to maintain for his employees — increases for trying to continue something that, at best, was a half-step up from catastrophic coverage.

Now the new outcry is we are losing our insurance. If you are, it is because it does not meet the minimum standards and coverage requirements.

For those of you who say it is socialism, so what? So are a lot of other things such as Social Security — so you will not mind passing on that for the principle when your time comes to collect, right?

It took courage to move this Affordable Care Act forward and now it is threatened because someone did not know how to manage an IT project. Add to that the Dem-ocrats starting to dump on it because they are afraid.

I am very much for it and hope it survives this latest round of attacks. There are so many people out in the world that have inadequate or no coverage. They are dying for relief.

James Curcuru Sr.


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