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Letter writer responds to those ‘bashing’ Lindbergh superintendent

To the editor:

This is to respond to those bashing Superintendent Simpson at Lindbergh for not blindly following, being intimidated or strong-armed into showing President Barack Obama’s political speech during school time.

I would have the same opinion for either party, but particularly when he came out with one topic and an exercise on how to help Obama. Then when his campaign speech got out on our time, they had to switch the message and shove it out there with no time for in-depth analysis.

The speech was fine, not much substance, but it was the manner of mandating it as with everything they are doing under the dark of night and very deceptive.

Well, all these politicians seem to be bankrupting our country and putting us in debt to China. It makes it all very suspicious and then childishly berating those that ask tough and valid questions.

You can see him on all the various stations, YouTube, Celebrity Circuit, ACORN or SEIU offices, etc., and discuss with your children for critical analysis.

Why waste school time? It’s sad to me some of these people who “worship” a politician.

I’m looking for leaders that will do the least damage with most sense and decency and sound, successful policies that truly work for America.

Also, why was there no “sunset clause” on Proposition E-911 once the countywide communications system is upgraded and the other improvements completed? Like most Americans, politicians need to learn to manage funds and live within a budget, not misspend more and more.

Does anyone really think bureaucrats can run a “new and improved” health plan efficiently with any quality?

Susan Murphy

south county

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