Letter writer deeply saddened by President Obama’s ‘Wild Bunch’

To the editor:

Several weeks ago, the alleged vice president of the United States of America was on national television ranting and raving, “They don’t know who we are.”

Who are they? And who are you?

You and your president have virtually never really worked for a living — sweat, froze and persevered in extreme climate to support their family.

Some of us fought against Communism 40-plus years ago. Some of us have done farm work, been hod carriers, breathed cadmium from welding smoke and vapors, worked as landscapers — cutting grass in 100-plus degrees — stripped and refinished floors, laid carpet and flooring, as well as worked as auto mechanics, roofers, electricians, plumbers and so forth.

We know that you and your president have supported neo-Marxist socialist policies and endorsed blatant, perverse, unnatural lifestyles against both God, the creator of all life, and basic clinical and medical hygiene.

We have been a nation blessed by our creator, but we have transgressed against him.

The North American Free Trade Agreement, the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade and China have all but destroyed our manufacturing base and exports, thanks to former President Bill Clinton.

We have had massive cuts in our Army and Marine Corps. The Navy will be at 50 percent. There are also massive border control cuts that are under way.

Let’s not forget a few months ago when President Barack Obama rubbed the Russian prime minister’s hand and stated he would be more flexible for more nuclear weapons reduction after the election.

After the incident, I literally threw up. It was really hard to fathom what I had just witnessed. I am 63 years old, and I know of no other American president ever doing this, much less on national TV. This whole group — the “Wild Bunch” — has deeply saddened me. I believe in the power of prayer to our Lord God Jesus.

We will vote them all out in November. We know who you are, anti-God, Marxist socialist infidels of the greatest country — but not perfect — the world has ever known.

We know who you are; we know what you are all about.