Letter writer believes Mehlville student performance ‘unacceptable’

To the editor:

Mehlville Board of Education member Karl Frank Jr. formulated “The Frank Plan,” much of which was published in the Call, trying to build a case why teachers in the Mehlville School District should be receiving pay increases.

A front-page article published in a daily newspaper addressing student performance demonstrates why pay priorities of the Mehlville School District should be questioned.

Mehlville’s student performance in the three categories addressed did not make the “cut” in any of the categories cited in the article.

This performance is unacceptable and I can’t accept that this failing performance is all student related. Maybe if administrators and teachers were truly interested in student performance, a commitment would be made to improve this poor performance.

Maybe an emphasis needs to be put on teaching by increasing learning time in the classroom so students can graduate from high school educated for the next level.

More pay and shortened teaching time does not appear to be working at this time.

The district increased our taxes this year to fund pay increases when most individuals are taking pay cuts and those who are working are expanding their work time to maintain their existence.

Question: Could it be self-interest is driving the district’s priorities and not the interest of the student?

William R. Gmerek