Letter writer believes Mehlville School District officials are ‘out of touch’

After reading the May 1 article “Panel offers improvement proposals; Mehlville board to decide how to fund,” it is clear that the Mehlville School District is out of touch.

The article states, “As proposed, the 37-cent tax-rate increase would be the first of four phases of elections to fund the district’s master plan.”

The money our outrageous assessments brings in plus the addition of tax money from thousands of new homes valued between $250,000 and $350,000 is not enough.

A performing arts center for each high school? Use the gym for plays as we did when I went to high school and leave performing arts centers to the universities.

Staff salary increases? Wasn’t a 6 percent across-the-board increase enough?

Early childhood expansion? Modification in early childhood satellite facilities? I take “early childhood” to mean children who have not yet entered kindergarten.

What is it the taxpayers are providing children under 5? Why should we be providing anything for children under 5?

I can’t afford the greedy empire-building list that the district has provided. I am busy trying to keep up with rising assessments.

Start a voluntary fund for those citizens of the district who wish to contribute even more of their income to the district. I am sure the checks will pour in.

Kate Martin