Letter writer asks: ‘What’s the problem with Green Park alderman?’


To the editor:

What’s the problem with Green Park Alderman Michael Broughton?

His constant complaining and hatred of law-abiding conservatives is getting old. We can only hope he has no aspirations to seek higher office.

It would be so refreshing if the Call’s Letters to the Editor would limit his opinions to, say, once a year. He hates conservatives, gun owners, Republicans, low taxes, safe streets and President Donald Trump.

Anyone with this much hatred should be committed for a serious intervention with a professional. If I were a psychiatrist, my diagnosis would be LDS: Liberal Derangement Syndrome.

Leftist liberals are unable to reason and accept the truth. I am confident that there is an audience for national dialogue, but not with those that champion the politics of hate.

Joe Spezia Sr.