Letter writer applauds Sunset Hills mayor for stepping up to the plate

To the editor:

In reading Mr. Jim Kohnen’s mayoral critique in the Call’s Sept. 25 letters to the editor, I differ in opinion.

He should know, having been an in-law to a former Sunset Hills mayor, that misinformation is the key to most stories grabbing our headlines these days.

To think that a Rob Ford — Toronto mayor — documented and admitted drug offender, alcoholic and more, actually wins over a mayor in terms of character like Mark Furrer, is inflammatory.

I have witnessed through multiple acts in which the Sunset Hills mayor has worked to better the community. Yes, mistakes from a “newbie” mayor have been made, but he has stepped up to the plate, offered harsh criticism in the face of status quo and cronyism. So much political correctness dictates many people’s moves, and Mr. Furrer seems willing to rise above this, maybe ruffle some feathers — but he is working for correctness and not necessarily what is popular.

Let’s get more accurate facts and let it all run its course before you hang a man making an effort. Mr. Furrer has made one huge mistake, and that was in thinking a longtime citizen, with strong conviction to take on establishment, could make a change.

Isn’t it easy standing on the sidelines, watching the crowd go by and criticizing it as it does — as we sit in our easy chair, not willing to get up and take a stand, and critiquing without the full story.

The firestorm of instant media and bad politics is winning — sadly. Don’t you really want to know the rest of the story?