Letter writer angered by ‘desperate,’ ‘deceitful’ Trakas recall campaign


To the editor:

I recently was walking to my car at a grocery store on South Lindbergh Boulevard when I was approached by a woman with a clipboard.

She asked if I wanted to sign a petition that “supports St. Louis County Police and allows them to board MetroLink trains.”

I responded positively and told her that sounds good and that I support the police.

She handed me the clipboard and I asked if I could see the actual petition and how it is worded. She replied that it was on the back of the signatures page.

I flipped it over and saw: Petition to Recall Ernie Trakas.

I said, “You just lied to me.”

She had been exposed and hurriedly walked away. She and another woman then fled in their car.

I am disappointed in this desperate and deceitful campaign.

I am angered by this campaign to dupe me into signing their petition regardless of whether I am for or against it.

Edward Harlow